Let us take care of the administrative, so you can focus on the creative.

Our clients are artists, ensembles, non-profits, small businesses, and individuals. We handle brand creation, media and communications management, and audience development. 

We help individuals and organizations improve efficiency by building better strategies, and for many of our clients, we take over those day-to-day operational tasks that distract you and your team from focusing on the long-term, exciting goals. 

Our services include

  • Brand Development

    • clarifying your mission
      • how you talk and write about yourself and your work
    • crafting your online presence
      • website design
      • social media management
    • creating a visual message
      • logo design
      • design of print and digital materials 
      • media cultivation, ensuring your photos and videos are up to date and of high quality
  • Audience Development

    • Building not only the size of your audience, but the quality of your engagement with them
      • cohesive strategies across multiple platforms
      • newsletter development and management
      • promotion and marketing for upcoming projects or shows
  • Business Development

    • Grant writing and application assistance
    • Guidance on company formation
    • Advisement on relationship building and fundraising
    • Identifying your goals and building the strategy to get there
  • Operations Management 

    • creating infrastructure to make the complex more simple
      • For companies and artists
        • Project and timeline management
        • Data organization
        • Creating and executing more efficient company workflows 
      • For individuals
        • specializing in support during those life-changing moments such as divorce and loss
        • organization and management of household finances, paperwork, scheduling, monthly bill payments,, insurance, and all those moments you think to yourself "if only I had a personal assistant"