More Canvas Consulting 

Management Consulting for the Arts 

Consulting and Management for the Arts

we talk to you to understand your arts your business your obstacles, your goals

we work within your budget

define a strategy to get you to the next level

for some of our clients, we take care of the day-to - day operations



Arts business consultant 

arts consulatnt

consultant for artists

arts administration 

arts administrator

arts business coah

arts business advisors




Crafting your online presence

we want to have a conversation to better understand what your needs are and help you put together the tools and the strategies to 

Your art is your business. It is your livelihood. More Canvas is going to get you through that next doorway. To create your online presence and organize your admin. and organize tool

insurance for your dancers, fiscal sponsorship, opportunities, list management, email newsletters

helping to organize thoughts, to organize your calendar, timeline and project management, PR and communication and media management 



we are here to help you build the foundation that lifts your art up. Now that we live in the world of technology 

Helping to develop the tools and the business practices the canvas of your 

we are here to help you to gather your tools and to stretch the canvas of your business



blender, synthesizer, organizer, 

Get a sense of encapsulating the bigger picture and putting together the road to get you there here are some of the tools

let us help you collect the tools ...put together the tools that you need to take your art into the social the technical the whatever it is


you may not even have a website or a social media page


Help you to organize and structure the 

strategize, advise, guide, organize, 

what does your calendar look like? meeting management? 



Let's have a phone conversation or meet up for coffee to talk about 

generate more income
butts in seats

producers / presenters


this person or place is ging to lift their business up a level -- will add to their livelihood their career



social media

help set up and help explain how to use it and how to utilize it.  


email newsletters


consult with them - somebody who has training in music, dance/choreography and business degree. willing to strategize and consult with them on ways in which they can possibly promote themselves


we will consult with you to talk about some of your needs and concerns and desires within the artistic community are. 



More Canvas Consulign -- we take care of the administrative, so you can focus on the creative. 

Our founder has an undergraduate degree in music rom Princeton, an MFA from Tisch and is currently finishing an MBA from Wharton. Upon graduating from Tisch she founded a dance theater company ...something improtant and continue to be involved but saw that there was this missing element and I started this company in order to serve several functions: 1. to find a way to support myself and my art, the other was to incorporate artists as my employees, offer a way to 

Giving work to artists -- community oriented, available for discounted stuff, available for a building, 

Here are a few of our clients and what we've done for them:


Rinde Eckert

new website

More Canvas provides services that help you spend less time managing your art, and more time making your art.

Do you need...

A new website? 

Help writing Grants & Applications? 

To promote a show? 

To grow your audience?

To get more organized?

...or Maybe you're not even sure what you need

Let's Talk

We understand that every artist is unique, with different needs and different aspirations.

Let's have a conversation to find out how our experts in the arts and business can help you 


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