More Canvas is dedicated to help you clarify your mission in your presentation. Whether that's in talking and writing about your work, crafting an online presence and creating a visual message.



Website Design

More Canvas Consulting designs clean, efficient, and dynamic websites that can be easily maintained and kept current. For some clients, we re-brand their existing sites in order to update and refresh their online presence. For others, we have the privilege to create their very first website, establishing and showcasing their unique identity online. 

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Featured Website

This award winning "total theatre artist" needed an online presence as vibrant and flexible as his work. More Canvas created a site that not only lets audiences and producers learn more about his art, but also enables visitors to interact with the unique voice of this artist on a new, digital platform. 

Social Media Management

With experience in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn and MailChimp, we can ensure adequate promotion for all events and announcements and can keep your activity current within your network and beyond.

Creating a Visual Message

Our services include logo design, design of print and digital materials and media cultivation, ensuring your photos and videos are up to date and of high quality.